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Easter Update 2021

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Welcome to a new update! If you enjoy Crusades, Guild chat, Legendary Coins, expeditions and new heroes, you will love this update.


We are spicing up this game mode with a Hall of Fame, a boss node, legendary mercenaries and some great suggestions posted in discord.

Hall of Fame

We added a global leaderboard so you can compare your performance with others. Why the fancy name? Only the ones who complete the 3rd world can submit their scores and enter the Hall of Fame.

Your final score is calculated based on the level of the crusade completed and the number of heroes lost.

Boss node

Assemble your deadliest team to win in this DPS (damage per second) race! You have 60 seconds to kill a strong boss and get an Epic Artifact.

0-60 seconds: Epic artifact
61-80 seconds: Rare artifact
81-90 seconds: Common artifact
>90 seconds: Crusade coins

Some tips:

  • You need to finish this stage as fast as possible to get the epic artifact.

  • The timer only stops when the death animation ends.

  • If the battle lasts longer than 60 seconds, you could get a rare artifact.

  • If it times out, you get some crusade coins but still continue your journey.

  • Bosses have weaknesses, plan your team ahead.

  • Movement speed matters! Save some precious seconds by reaching the boss quickly

  • Bosses deal low damage, and note that healing is disabled against bosses.

Mercenaries can be Legendary

If the fortune smiles on you, you can find and recruit Angelica or Ornok to add some legendary heroes to your team.

Note: mercenaries will leave your crusade's collection once the Crusade ends.

Choosing the best mercenary

It was one of the most repeated suggestions in the last survey, so we did it!

You can inspect the weapon and runes of each mercenary hero to decide who is the best pick for your team.

Crusade Achievements

Get flooz by beating new crusade levels.

These achievements are retroactive and will be given once you complete a crusade!

Freeze Teams

Freeze teams have been challenging for many players. We reduced the amount of occurence of freeze teams, especially in the first worlds.

Expect some cold temperatures at World 3! We have some advice for you:

  • Namida and Manta can greatly decrease the damage dealt.

  • Use Misty and Thorn to strike them down as soon as possible.

  • Through your journey, select dodge artifacts.

  • Kasumi and Vlad at 4 stars or higher will reduce the enemy's attack speed.

  • Paladin and Monki Merry can drastically reduce the time your heroes spend frozen but beware of Frostqueen freeze explode.



We know that the social aspect of Guilds is really important for the game. Since this update, the server will alert everyone on different occasions: when a weapon level reaches a new level 6 or 9; and when a hero is evolved or awakened at 5+ stars and if they are rare, epic or legendary.

Power achievements will be send for each new million!

Guild war: after a war finishes, a report will be sent (similar to the guild boss report).

Guild help requests: directly request legendary coins instead of opening the stash.


Daily Dungeons

If all the heroes of an element are 7⭐, you will get 2 Legendary Coins per dungeon entrance and 4 LC during the 2x dungeons event.



At player level 30, 'Claim All' and 'Send All' buttons are unlocked!

🔹'Send All' sends expeditions from top to bottom, doing an auto fill and a start.

When a mission can be completed with one hero, auto fill -picks up the weakest, instead of wasting tons of power.

🔹El Dorado is being sent first with or without the rare check.

🔹Added more details about refresh in the help.

Heroes improvements


  • The AoE from her SP2 now does damage.

Tan Suu

  • Do not record/show the damage taken from the wall's HP decay on the stats.

  • Do not push flying enemies


  • Fix wrong weapons assets used on the card when using the new skin.


  • AoE runes are not crossed anymore.


  • Fix battle in guild boss not ending when the last unit to die is a tiny bomb.

🎁Skin Pack giveaway

[Closed] Winner: Dynastiew 🎁Create an account and comment below your in-game nick + what do you think about this update.

We will giveaway an Alda The Phoenix Skin Pack randomly to one of the comments on April 10th!


Special Event and Red

This special event is your best chance to obtain medals for the new hero Red!

📅The event lasts ~6 days and it's only once a year, so make sure you get the most of it.



Who is Red?

Red is the hero who can make your fire team go from "that's a cute fire team" to "wow, that's some heavy damage".

She is a flying female single target gunner with an SP4 aura that increases her damage if there are heroes who can naturally burn the opponent (all the heroes with the burn ability on the card, including Shelly and Monki Merry).

Watch out for her visually eye catching SP2.

How can I get Red medals?

⚡Stage actively

You will get Easter coins tapping the chocolate eggs that appear randomly while staging.

Be aware that the more eggs you tap the less you will find, so taking a break for a few hours is a good idea.

Battle in the special dungeon

The 2nd source of Easter coins is this special dungeon. A higher dungeon level gives more coins and flooz. You can raid this dungeon 30 times per day.

Clear as many dungeons as possible to get more flooz and event coins!

Buy themed chests🗝️

With enough coins you can buy the Easter chests which can reward medals of the new hero Red, the epic hero Trickster or Bun Gun along with consumable items.

🔍In-depth Event Overview

  • You have 30 entries per day to the special dungeon, make sure to raid the highest dungeon level available to get the most event coins!

  • Easter chests are extremely valuable and limited to the duration of the event.

  • The Event Shop will remain open 24 hours after the event ends so you can spend your currency.

  • Easter consumables are strong items that can be stored without limit and only be obtained once a year. Use them wisely!

Consumables do stack among others and affect all game modes except guild wars and crusades.

The Easter Pack is exclusive and only available during this event


Happy Easter!

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Apr 08, 2021

Another great update. I love the improvements crusades keep getting and the guild growth announcements are very nice.

[CRR] - [tCR] Browniie


Apr 08, 2021

Beautiful update as usual with QoL improvement. Esp, another hero in Red and named Red, love it.

Ign: Cá


Apr 07, 2021

ingame name: Doctor Dope

nice update, like the new hero!


Gabriel Tiang
Gabriel Tiang
Apr 06, 2021

In game name : radical666

Loving the Crusade mode so far. Keep it up!


Mikey McGinn
Mikey McGinn
Apr 02, 2021

IG: [TiG] mkstylo

loving the Easter event!! Finally got my trickster to fill out all of my common thru epic heroes. Also really enjoying some of the guild chat and the other QoL fixes. Thanks Godzillabs

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