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My first crusade

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Welcome to this discussion post! I will share 3 different strategies for completing Crusades; easily, with moderate difficulty, or to maximise rewards. Feel free to share your own strategy / pov in the comments section.

Brief Introduction

Crusades is all about planning, understanding how team compositions and heroes work and making the right decisions.

Bandits: there are more than 50 different teams with specific runes, designed to test your skills through a variety of challenges.

Hero Chest: inside you will find 4 mercenary heroes willing to join your team. You can choose only one.

Life Potion: heals all your heroes HP for 50%.

Revive Fountain: randomly revives 1, 2 or 3 of your heroes.

Boss: the final boss for each world. An epic artifact is guaranteed to drop.


1) Pick all the heroes chests (difficulty: easy)

  • Your team will have your strongest heroes + all the mercenaries you find.

  • Inside the Hero Chests you will find the best of the best. Mercenary heroes are strong reinforcements and their stars and awakens are based on your strongest heroes.

  • Choose heroes that add the most value to your team. Once in your bag, inspect your hero's runes to understand their potential.

  • Using mercenary heroes will keep your own heroes alive (mercenary heroes can't revive). So when you reach a revive fountain, the odds to revive your strongest heroes will be high.


2) Plan ahead (difficulty: medium)

Finding a balance between opening hero chests, fighting bandits to get more artifacts and the foresight for when you will need a life potion or revive fountain will improve with experience and understanding of your team.

Try to open more hero chests in the first world, because in World 2 and 3 the crusade coins rewards are better.

Always use your strongest heroes, adapt your team to counter the opponent and manage your bag.

You can always check which artifacts you own and the runes of the mercenary heroes. This is crucial for decision-making.


3) Maximize your crusade coins (difficulty: hard)

  • Being victorious against bandits gives a crusade coins reward and a random artifact!

  • Choosing a battle on every crossroad shows immense trust in your heroes collection and it will give the most amount of coins.

Plan A

Start your adventure with your middle power heroes, minimizing the risk of finding a team lucky enough to surprise your setup and defeat you.

Saving your strongest units for World 3 is a great strategy.

Cons: When you arrive to a revive fountain, you will have many dead heroes and one of the weakest ones could be revived.

Plan B

Start at full steam with your best heroes. Rollover the opponents and pick the artifacts to become overpowered.

Cons: If you find a strong freeze team, a frenzied Xak or a lucky Circe, your adventure could end abruptly and you won't have any way to make progress with your best heroes unavailable.

Feel free to share your own strategy / point of view in the comments section! And let me know if you would want another article covering a different topic or something with more details.

And if you want to actually see what Crusades look like, we recommend this video!

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7 commentaires

05 févr. 2021

Super awesome new update! Can't wait to get the new hero. The new skins also looks great. IGN: YourDee


31 janv. 2021

I was here


21 déc. 2020

It's a great mode, but why my crusade ends at world 2? I won all fights in world 2. and then pops up and says your crusade is finished, shows my level and how many heroes are dead.

There should be 3 worlds. I ask my friend, his crusade ends at world 3.

What is the difference between us?


20 déc. 2020

Pourquoi pas je veux bien essayer !!!


20 déc. 2020

Sweet, can't wait to try it out!

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