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Special Event: Lunar New Year 2021

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

This special event is your best chance to obtain medals for the new hero Tan Suu!

📅The event lasts ~6 days and it's only once a year, so make sure to get the most of it.



How can I get Tan Suu medals?

⚡Stage actively

The main source of LNY coins is tapping the Ox chests which appear randomly while staging.

The more gifts you tap the less you will find, so taking a break for a few hours is a good idea.

Battle in the special dungeon

The 2nd source of LNY coins is in the Black Piggy dungeon. His power and the rewards increase with the dungeon level.

Clear as many dungeons as possible to get more flooz and event coins!

Buy themed chests🗝️

With enough coins you can buy the LNY chests which can reward medals of the new hero Tan Suu, Ser Shû or Pinky (all 3 have equal chance to be obtained) and consumable items.

Tip: increase your luck wearing metal accessories (a necklace, a full armor or a ring).

🔍In-depth Event Overview

  • You have 30 entries per day to the special dungeon, make sure to raid the highest dungeon level available to get the most event coins!

  • Lunar New Year chests are extremely valuable.

  • The Event Shop will remain open 24 hours after the event ends.

  • LNY consumables are strong items that can be stored without limit and only be obtained once a year. Use them wisely!

Candies do stack among others and affect all game modes except guild wars and crusades.

The Lunar New Year Pack is exclusive and only available during this event


🧱Tan Suu

"Having an honest nature, Oxes are known for diligence, dependability, strength and determination. These reflect traditional conservative characteristics."

A defensive magician arrives to Crush Them All!

His mission? 🛡️Protect all the ones who stand by his side.

SP2: Summon Wall

After 7 basic attacks Tan Suu summons a large wall between your front line and the enemy. The wall will block enemies from progressing until killed.

This wall has 600 base HP, scales with the equipped runes, can't be healed, it loses HP over time (lifespan: 15 seconds) and is of neutral element (dark heroes won't deal 2x damage against it).

If an AoE attack impacts the wall, the ones standing behind will receive reduced AoE damage.

With stunning runes, Tan Suu's wall will stun in area.

The wall is just like any other enemy, heroes stop to battle it until destroyed. Enemies such as Thor, Kasumi or TNT's bomb will pass through.

Watch this video!

Aura: Debuff elemental damage

Tan Suu definitely extends the survivability of your front line. The wall gives enough time for your heroes to heal and/or kill the opponent.

How does it work?

The aura reduces the elemental damage taken only for light heroes.

Dark is the only element that can deal elemental damage to light heroes and Tan Suu reduces the multipler.

4⭐: -20% Elemental Damage ➡️ Elemental Damage: x1.66
5⭐: -40% Elemental Damage ➡️ Elemental Damage: x1.42
6⭐: -60% Elemental Damage ➡️ Elemental Damage: x1.25
7⭐: -80% Elemental Damage ➡️ Elemental Damage: x1.11


  • Tan Suu will be very popular among new players. He can be a valuable asset for your team at 4:4:6 (4 stars, 4 awakens, weapon level 6).

  • Mid game players will appreciate the extra seconds Tan Suu provides to the front line. The front line yielding first usually determines the winning side.

  • Tan Suu will join the main team of the late game players, especially for his aura and the synergy with Paladin who reduces the stun duration while Tan Suu keeps him alive. Ra's aura is also compatible.

We wish you all a great start into the New Year from the entire Godzi Lab Team!

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Feb 08, 2021

wall lifespan: 15 seconds but in the vdo wall last more then 18 sec. wall can't be healed but vlad heal can taget wall ? 600 base HP that can block AOE i guess it a bit too OP.


Feb 08, 2021

Very fun to have my team featured in the battle against the new hero


Feb 08, 2021

This is the perfect game for everybody. I play this game more than 1 year and I still deep in that

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